Turn up the lights!

Break-up wash, up-lighting & pin spots.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. It gives depth and ambience to a space as well as helping tie together the many nuanced elements of an event, such as live acts, floral arrangements and period venue features. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or an evening dance, the lighting is one of the key features in creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests to be able to relax and truly enjoy themselves. Careful and considered light design can completely alter an events atmosphere, from autumnal rustic charm, to a moody and dynamic club aesthetic within moments.

Over summer here at Velvet Entertainment, we’ve had a ball adding a swathe of up-lighters to venues all over the city, highlighting, elevating and often revealing the hidden charm of all manner of building. To partner our up-lighting we’re always looking to make those ever-important table centres and floral arrangements sing and add that additional pop with pin-spotting to elevate vital features of your event.