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Utilising outdoor space is a common way to easily expand the capacity of an event venue or to create different areas for your guests to experience throughout the day/evening. It is common to use a lawn or terrace as a drink’s reception area and then a lounge area after dinner once the sun has set.

We can provide lighting that not only means your guests can navigate the outdoor space safely but also accentuate key features like large trees, buildings, and flower beds. This can be done in natural colours in keeping with nature and sensitive to your event brief, or a more vibrant approach. Outdoor lighting is generally quite dramatic and makes your event space feel larger and, in some instances, can be quite spectacular.

We use a combination of lights that are weatherproof to achieve the desired effect. Some of the lights we have in stock may be similar to generic garden lighting you may already have installed which we can integrate into pre-existing setups, mixed with more powerful units to add punch where necessary to take it to the next level.

Here we have outdoor floods coloured in light green as well as wash lights to the Hollywood sign that we made bespoke for this event.

Client: Lillingston

Event: Private Party

Outdoor flood lighting, wash lighting to sign, bespoke letters



A dramatic effect that can really add depth as well as integrate nature into your space.

Here we have the outdoors indoors... We have given this clear marquee a real sense of space by lighting up the surrounding trees using powerful LED floods.

Client: RBMH Event Design

Event: 50th Birthday party

Outdoor LED Wash Lighting, marquee lighting, up-lighting.


Another great example of adding scale to your event space. By lighting the tree behind the marquee everything feels that much grander and looks that little bit better.

Client: GSP

Event: Birthday party

Outdoor flood, up-lighting to the marquee, breakup wash to ceiling, event furniture.



Stylish & Intimate Garden Party For 30 Guests.

Marrakesh Themed Event in Virginia Water




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