We were tasked by leading programmatic marketing and media buying company Rocket Fuel to transform One Marylebone into a slick conference space.

This event is a great example of how we work with our clients and venues to asses potential problems, adjusting our solutions to minimise these risks whilst providing a practical and succesful outcome to suit the needs and limitations of all involved with the event.

With load-in times being quite restrictive, we opted for a simpler, yet effective approach which allowed us to gain access, set up and test all of the equipment before guests arrived.

With a more direct approach, we made use of a rear projection projection setup with bespoke white surround and staging to maximise visibility with the client able to connect their own laptops for presentations. For lighting, we provided stage wash to highlight speakers and wireless uplighting to the surrounding walls of the Soan Hall to create a welcoming atmosphere. We also provided furniture and bars for guest registration and break areas.

Lighting | Sound | AV | Staging | Furniture

What we provided: