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Lindy Layton’s career started as a founding member (along with Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim) of Beats International, who went on to have a number 1 hit with ‘Dub Be Good To Me’.

Her DJ career started alongside her live performances and her repertoire is vast. Working in the music industry for the entirety of her working life, she has hosted radio shows and worked as a resident DJ, meaning that she has built up a vast and eclectic record collection over the years.

Happy to delve deep into her collection to create a unique and niche sound for your event or to stick to the classics, Lindy is incredibly versatile and truly passionate about what she does.

With credits including the Royal Academy of Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the V&A Museum, the Inner Temple and numerous private parties around London, she is a great all-round, popular DJ.

650 with no equipment + travel

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