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Guilty pleasures galore live DJ act. Prices from £2500.

Truly Medley Deeply was set up in 2010 by three teenage students at Cambridge University. Since the beginning, the band’s unique approach has been to take the best parts of songs and condense them into beautifully-flowing medleys. An incredible hybrid of live band, DJ and jukebox, TMD effortlessly mix between songs in slick, seamless arrangements of throwback tunes and contemporary favourites for every audience.  
Over its 10 year existence, the band has evolved into a collective of talented singer-musicians, equally comfortable at blending the best pop music from any era- 90s Boybands/Girlbands, Disco & Soul classics, nostalgic One Hit Wonders, Gangsta Rap, 00s Indie, House, 80s Synthpop, Epic Stadium Rock, R&B, Pop Punk etc- into brilliant medleys that bring joy, excitement and laughter to every dancefloor. The team travel all over the world to play parties of all kinds.

Truly Medley Deeply perform as a duo and produce a huge, full-band sound despite their light footprint thanks to two multitasking lead vocalists, exceptional musical versatility and a creative use of technology. A sax player can join the duo for an added sprinkling of magic.

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