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A large conference setup for 1500 delegates involving an industry-leading Video installation and full-scale sound reinforcement, rigging, staging, and draping.

Here we provided a large-scale conference for Dentsu Aegis Network. This was their summer update, where internal teams would get up on stage and present the exciting developments within the company to their peers. This involved a multi-screen setup able to display tandem presentations and video content and cameras and relay screens to ensure all presenters could be seen clearly.

Dock-X is essentially a large empty warehouse involving rigging, staging and full-scale sound reinforcement. Utilising the best and most up to date video equipment the industry has to offer, all screens could display different content allowing presentations to be more interactive for the delegates allowing the presentation deck to be left up. In contrast, video content was projected on one of the other screens.

As well as the presentation screens we installed hot head cameras and large LED screens so that the presenters were all clearly visible to all participants.

Projection, repeater screens, hot head cameras, staging, branded gobos, draping, stage wash, room wash. 


We printed large, branded panels, which we attached to the truss to create temporary walling to separate the main presentation space from the breakout area. This was in keeping with the industrial style of the venue.

LED screen with Parabella stand, branded walling, furniture.


A good view from the side of the stage shows the stage wash lighting to highlight the presenters. You can also see the foldback monitors for the presenters to see what was on the screens behind them without turning around.

Stage wash, staging, fold back monitor, full sound reinforcement to the room. 


With budget a significant consideration, we were tasked with coming up with a cost-effective stage backdrop that didn't break the bank. As a result, we came up with a fantastic and cost-effective solution using stretched Lycra which we uplit and projected custom gobos onto. This worked out far cheaper than and bespoke set, which is the common trend for large scale corporate presentations.

In addition, we provided branded walling, reception desks, power distribution, LED screens and food stations to the breakout area.




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