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Breakup wash and Gobos are the icing on the cake when it comes to decorative lighting and is a technique that usually pulls the whole lighting design together. It is usually either seen as a dappled or patterned light effect that is shone over the tables and floor but can also be shone onto walls or the ceiling in a colour that fits with the theme of your event.

It is possible to create either a sharp patterned image or alternatively, can be used with a soft-focus to create more of a textured effect (or ideally both!). The colours selected would usually be the same or complementing colour to the uplighters and in theme with your event colour scheme or branding. These lights are dimmable so that the mood can be set just right creating the perfect ambience.

This lighting technique is especially useful when trying to get great photos and videos of your event providing a lovely warm glow over the space and guests. To see more images of events where breakup wash and Gobos have been utilised please click herefor breakup wash and here for gobos.

This is an image of a wedding in Soan Hall @ One Marylebone.  

Gobos/patterns to arches as well as up-lighting and pin-spots to the table centres for a nice natural look to Soan Hall, perfect for a wedding breakfast.



The finishing touch that will really make your pictures pop! 

This is a lovely image of a private dinner in The Orangery at Holland Park arranged by Moriarty Events. 

Uplighting, soft vine leaf pattern to ceiling, pin spots to table centres, and an ultra-discrete white pa system for background music.


An example of a dappled breakup wash in amber to the floor of the Octagon as Queen Mary University. 

Dappled breakup wash effect in amber, up-lighting to pillars, wash lighting to ceiling in contrasting colour, pin-spotting to bar and table centres.


This image was at a Moroccan themed party for RBMH Events. You can see the soft-focus breakup wash adding a warm glow to the space. You can see a full write up for this event here.

Breakup wash, hung Moroccan lanterns, up-lighting, discrete background music PA system.


Marrakesh in Virginia Water...

The Octagon at Queen Mary University

Moriarty events at Holland Park Orangery




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