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When booking one of our DJs, we can supply our standard high-end DJ package that gives a great sound with full and punchy bass for up to 100 guests on the dance floor. Our offering is extremely compact and super neat, designed for tight spaces and avoiding unsightly rigging solutions where possible. The lighting supplied will work on a mode called 'sound-to-light'. This means there is no need to have an operator present, bringing the cost down and can be installed by our delivery team in around 30 minutes. It also allows for flexible setup and collection times, meaning everything can be installed before guests arrive and after they leave.

The video below shows a snapshot of the lighting in action. As the music begins, the lights will start to move and 'dance' to the beat of the music all night long in ever-changing combinations of shapes and colours. The lights will usually be off for the initial part of the evening and turned on once the DJ set begins where possible; a smoke machine is used to accentuate the beams of light further..


Know-How: DJ SETUP

The finest ingredients for the best of times...

We are happy to offer upgraded solutions for larger budgets and events. We have a large selection of professional sound and lighting solutions for when you or your client demands the best, including fully controlled lighting by a dedicated lighting operator throughout the event who will be able to transform your venue into a swanky VIP club setting should you wish. We are happy to chat through your requirements and offer a bespoke quotation upon request.

Our standard DJ setup provides exceptional sound quality in a neat and compact package and is supplied alongside Velvet DJ bookings as required.

Velvet DJ setup 


Upgraded DJ lighting used as decorative effect during the initial part of the evening. 


Venue: RSA House

Upgraded mirrored DJ booth and lighitng used as a decorative effect.  


Our DJ system offers our clients consistency so that they are safe in the knowledge that they are going to get a great sound & lighting rig no matter which resident DJ they go for; it also allows for more variation of DJs we can put forward as well as providing a solution when access to the venue is difficult for any reason.

 Our offering is extremely compact, super neat and designed for tight spaces.




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