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Festoon & fairy light installs can have a huge impact on the look of your event and is one of the best ways to instantly set the atmosphere for when your guests arrive. Festoon or fairy lights are commonly installed on private parties and weddings but can also be used to great effect on corporate events where they have a festival or more "industrial theme".

A lovely example of a festoon installed in a marquee for a wedding. Festoon was installed along the lining of the marquee for a simple but stylish look.

Venue: Chiswick House

Event: Wedding

Festoon, rigging for hanging flower arrangement.



A hugely popular lighting effect for weddings and private parties.

A few things to consider when booking is that that festoon is dimmable, whereas fairy lights are generally not, and although they can look amazing for the initial part of the evening, they can be too bright for dancing later on. This can be solved easily by just turning them off, but it's worth considering how that's done to avoid it being very abrupt and unexpected, for example when the band or DJ start their performance to symbolise the next phase of the event.

Here is a lovely image of fairy lights swagged across the Garden Museum for a wedding. We fixed vines and foliage to the fairy light string for a natural feel and to further enhance the look.

Venue: Garden Museum

Event: Wedding

Fairy lights with vines and leaves intertwined.


An example of a festoon install neatly swagged over a dinner setup from a truss rigging solution.

Venue:  Chateau de Garibondy

Event: Private party

Festoon, wash lighting to the dining area, up-lighting to the tree.


Another example of festoon randomly swagged across a venue.  We also attached paper lanterns to further enhance the effect.

Venue: Amadeus Centre

Event: Wedding

Festoon, paper lanterns, modular seating, tongue & groove DJ booth


Although the installation of festoon and fairy lights is fairly simple, the main thing to consider is where we can fix to within a venue, or if we need to bring in rigging specifically for this purpose and whether a rigging solution would be appropriate for your event.




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