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Uplighting is the perfect starting point for decorative lighting for any venue or location. It's the most cost-effective way to transform the look of a space by highlighting key architectural features in any colour that fits in with the theme of your event.

Our uplighters are battery powered which means no messy cabling and a dramatically reduced install time. We can either programme them in our warehouse and deliver them directly to you or we can supply them with a wireless transmitter and a technician for colour changing effects and scene changes throughout the evening.

If you can only have one type of lighting at your event we would recommend uplighting. It also acts as an excellent base on which to build the rest of your lighting design upon.

Here is a perfect example of how uplighting can take an already stunning room and elevate it even further. Golden amber uplighting to each of the windows.

Venue: Old Royal Naval College

Room: Painted Hall

Uplighting, breakup wash, pin-spots, wash lighting to the Painted Wall



The simplest and most cost-effective way to transform the look of your venue our desert island lighting technique...

In our opinion uplighting is the most simple and effective way of transforming the look of a room. We would always advise uplighting as the first port of call as it is so flexible and cost-effective and acts as a great base to build upon.

Here you can see the uplighting seamlessly fading into the wash lighting on the ceiling in a contrasting colour.

Venue: Events @ No 6

Event: Showcase

Uplighting to walls, pattern wash to ceiling, DJ, DJ sound system, circular mirrored bar, and furniture.


A stunning example of uplighting to the pillars on all three levels.

Venue: The Octagon at Queen Mary University

Party: Christmas Party

Uplighting, ceiling wash, breakup wash to the floor, pin-spots to bar and tables.


This image shows the effectiveness uplighting can have on the outside of a building by highlighting key architectural features.  

Venue: One Marylebone

Event: Private party

Uplighting, outdoor lighting





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