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RBMH Event Design came up with this incredible immersive concept to bring authentic Marrakesh to their clients back garden. This project involved an extended build period as space was at a premium and therefore everything had to be installed in layers. The lighting design on this event was interesting as a different approach to the normal event lighting techniques had to be applied. We used a much more theatre style approach to help elevate the immersive feeling for guests.



A fully immersive concept skilfully brought to life and executed…

A big part of the brief was the “fourth wall” performance convention, which meant that all staff (including our technicians) were part of the performance. Our duty technicians were dressed in authentic Moroccan outfits to immerse the guests further and give the feeling that they were in a town square in Marrakesh.

Uplighting to the tree, birdie lighting to seating areas and bar, outdoor lighting.


Dancefloor lighting, mirror balls, The Supertones Party Band, staging, dancefloor


Stem spots to food stations


We installed everything in stages to integrate the lighting as seamlessly as possible. We did an initial install where we ran power and lighting before the set department installed the food stations and props. This meant the lights were concealed from view and that we could focus the lighting through the scenery to create stunning visual patterns and effects.

Once food service had ended the Fourth Wall came down and the atmosphere relaxed as the final reveal uncovered the party area which had a full lighting and sound rig for our party band The Supertones as well as DJ Abz who performed alongside Jonty on the Percussion and Sally on electric violin.




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