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This is one of our favourite Christmas events. You can’t go wrong with a festival theme, and our client had picked the perfect venue. With multiple rooms to explore and an array of music acts throughout the evening meant there was always something happening to keep you entertained.

The venue had quite a lot of equipment pre-installed. Hence, our job was to tether into the existing rig and elevate it with additional effects such as confetti, festoon, video mapping and C02 cannons integrating into the bespoke set.

We provided live music acts including The Supertones & Truly Medly Deeply to round off the evening on a high. This included their complete sound rider to make sure everything sounded perfect.



A Glastonbury inspired company Christmas party...

Intelligent moving lights with full control, band mixing facilities.  


Decorative room lighting, power to food stations


Festoon lighting, custom gobo projection


Our favourite part of this install was the bespoke DJ booth in the shape of a monster where the DJ was positioned in the mouth. We installed LED screens in the eyes with a video animation to give the effect of the beast looking around the room and CO2 cannons coming out of its nose. We also installed an LED video wall for VJ effects behind the DJ.




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