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You provide the space, we'll bring the party!

We are all aware that the events industry is facing an enormous challenge right now, but we will not let the turmoil of the last few months keep us down! We work in an industry where overcoming hurdles is something we face on a day to day basis, ensuring events run smoothly, often solving problems in creative and inspiring ways. We are proud to work in a city that is at the pinnacle of this wonderful industry and by using this resourcefulness and working together, we hope to be back to doing what we love as soon as possible.

For the moment though, we need to be conscious of the position COVID-19 leaves us in, and how the industry will wake up and take its first steps. While it is not possible to put on large-scale events such as festivals, the directors Maurits and Sam have decided to go back to their roots, concentrating on small, boutique, personal and intimate parties this summer and into the autumn.

They have decided that when it is safe to do so, they will be bringing back their drive to bring you the best tunes and the best performers and combining them with items of Velvet Living's furniture stock straight to your back garden, shed, barn, living room, patio or even roof terrace! For small gatherings initially, and then larger, following the government's guidelines. We have a comprehensive safety and social distancing policy to limit the risk as much as reasonably possible and to allow you and your closest friends to get together for 'all the feels' that you can only get from a gathering like this. Let’s face it, ZOOM parties just don’t even come close (pardon the pun).          

We have put together a cost-effective package playing to our strengths that has been coined 'Party in a Van'. It includes DJ and decks, PA, lights, bar & furniture. Everything you need to turn your own space into a mini night club! All items in the package can be transported in one van minimising staff, and therefore risk. It also helps with budget! We have also teamed up with other suppliers and can provide quotes for bar staff, catering, marquees, and venue suggestions upon request. This is the type of service that Velvet has built its reputation on over the last 10 years and we are very much looking forward to getting back to our roots, you never know, Maurits may even dust off his decks and Sam might get his bongos out!

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions on how we can make an event like this work for you. Click the link below to download our package brochure for more information and prices.


Other Offerings Include

Professionally mixed playlists for your ZOOM parties

You choose the songs and one of our resident DJs will expertly mix your playlists specially for you and your friends.

Streamed DJ sets for you and your friends

Whilst having an online party everyone can log onto a live DJ set being performed just for you and your friends requesting their favourite songs.

Personalised musical messages

Our amazing musicians can surprise your on-line party with personalised messages, and your own mini personalised performance. This can also be pre-recorded if preferred.   Virtual escape room

Team-work, communication, guile, and code-cracking skills are required to solve the mystery in time and open up codes, puzzles, secret doors in order to save the world!  

If any of these sound like fun please feel free to get in touch. Or if you have a more bespoke request, we are all ears, and as long as it can be done while staying 2m apart, we will do whatever we can to make it happen!  





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