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Intelligent dance floor lighting is much more than just a simple dance floor effect that is turned on once the DJ or band starts playing. This gives us the possibility to use the lights as an additional decorative effect to the walls, ceiling, or dancefloor. Utilising state of the art "moving head" lighting technology, a plethora of colours, patterns and movement can be created, adding a real 'wow' factor as guests enter. As the evening progresses, we are able to intensify the effects and movement, and once the dance floor starts filling up we can transform the lighting into full dance floor mode with almost limitless movements and effects. A haze machine that provides a fine mist is used to intensify the beams of light.

For more images of dance floor lighting visit our Flickr page here

This image includes a combination of dance floor lighting and decorative lighting effects in line with the Neon Chic party theme.

Moving head beam lighting, up-lighting, LED batten stage backdrop (the tick), Uplighting to walls, pin-spotting to low tables



A plethora of colours, patterns and movement can be created utilising a dedicated lighting operator, elevating your event, and adding a real 'wow' factor for your guests.

In this image, we have also used the dance floor lighting as a decorative effect as guests walk in. Once the dance floor begins to fill up the lighting operator can add more or less movement as appropriate. 

Intelligent moving head lighting, breakup wash, matching mirrored bar and DJ booth, staging & dancefloor, modular furniture.  


Here is an excellent example of how effective the addition of haze is to any dance floor lighting setup. This effect creates a fine mist in the room, allowing the light beams to be seen. 

You can view our full write up on this event here.

Intelligent moving head lighting, LED video wall, haze effect.


This is one of our simpler setups at RSA house. A perfect example of being able to control each light independently for a much more stylish and professional final look to your event. In this image, the lights are positioned on plinths at the four corners of the dance floor eliminating any unsightly lighting stands.

Intelligent moving head lighting on plinths, mirrored DJ booth, DJ Pa System, Wireless ED up-lighters, LED Battens to back wall.


Simple But Effective Intelligent Lighting at RSA House

Corporate Christmas Party at The Roundhouse

Graduation Party at The Worx




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