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Where possible, all events should include pin-spotting, in our opinion. Usually combined with uplighting, this is a lovely way to highlight table displays and other key areas within your event space, such as wedding cakes and flower arrangements. A narrow circle of warm white light is shone onto table decorations, making them stand out, giving great texture and a dynamic overall look to your event.

Please click herefor more examples of events where pin-spotting has been utilised as a part of the lighting design.

Here you can see the highlighted florals working in contrast with the up-lighting to the walls behind in pink.

Venue: Cowdray House

Party: 18th birthday party

Pin-spot lighting to flower arrangements, up-lighting to walls.



The Lighting on The Cake...

Without the addition of pin-spotting, events can risk looking washed out and one dimensional. Utilising pin-spot lighting will help to really highlight any focal points or key features within your space. As it is a narrow beam of light, it doesn't bleed or conflict with other techniques, which in turn allows good control of the room ambience and the ability to keep other areas dimly lit or other lighting techniques to be used to full effect.

This image combines all elements of decorative lighting to help bring the circus theme to life but in particular, highlights the effectiveness of pin spot lighting to highlight the colourful flower arrangement.

Venue: Shoreditch Electric Light

Theme: Circus

Uplighting, breakup wash, dance floor lighting, pin-spotting.


Another great example of a small pool of light to the table centre with the rest of the room dimly lit giving perfect lighting for an intimate dinner party.

Venue: Old Royal Naval College

Event: Painted Hall Relaunch

Up-lighting, pin-spotting, breakup wash.


A slightly different scenario shows the effectiveness when installing a lounge setup to highlight small flower arrangements positioned on coffee tables and poseur tables whilst being able to keep the rest of the room dimly lit.

Venue: Queen Mary Undercroft

Event: Wedding

Uplighting, gobos to ceiling, pin-spotting to tables


The only thing required in order to have pin-spotting installed at your event is a generous ceiling height.  As a rule of thumb, the higher the better... At a minimum, we would say 10ft which is fine for most venues. We will always look to rig them in the neatest way possible and have several different rigging solutions available.

Pin-spotting is also a budget-friendly option (usually the main cost is in the labour and rigging requirements). If you were to only have two lighting techniques used at your event, Uplighting would be the first and pin-spotting would be a close second. These two simple techniques are the bread and butter of decorative event lighting and in our opinion should be considered as a minimum requirement where possible.




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